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A night at the most popular place in Pattaya - a beer bar
You are now in Pattaya. In your hotel you go to take a shower first. Iam sure because it will be hot outside, as it is always. Then pull on your shorts and a pair of flip-flops or some other shoes. A shirt and of course your wallet. The plan is for a coffee, going to the beach and visit a shopping mall. But that's not why you're in Pattaya. So after your sightseeing.. A night at the most popular place in Pattaya - a beer bar

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In the evening around 7pm mostly 9pm the girls start working. Take a shower and go to eat before. Restaurants are everywhere. After eating.. In a massage parlor you could visit a 21-year-old young lady offering "specials"? No, because after an hour you are standing again at the beginning. Exactly this is why the Beer bars are the most popular destination.

In a Beer Bar you can sit down comfortably, have a beer and watch the events. In high season, the Beer bars are almost well attended everywhere.Everyone who comes to Pattaya is certainly not averse to the selection of girls in Pattaya. Therefore, no sense of shame arises. Therefore, it is easy to go to the relaxed thing. Many Beer Bar offering sports on TV and in the evening music (mostly music from youtube). The first conversation with one of the girls takes place as soon as are seated. One of the ladies will ask you directly what you would like to drink. She will ask your name. She will ask where you come from and how long you will stay in Thailand. Drink something with a girl if you like it or simply entertain yourself by watching alle the tourists and girls playing and drinking. Once you show interest in a pretty girl you already have her attention too. All it takes is a smile or ask you if she like to have a drink with you (you have to pay). For this she will ask you for a Lady-Drink (a always more expensive drink for the lady than your beer will cost), because she has to sell drinks. It is a rule in every bar that a girl has to sell drinks. Make money for the bar owner. But she also gets half of every sold Lady drinks (or a part of the money). If you do not make the first move then certainly one of the ladies will. She will smile, say hello, say "come drink here". You pay the regular price for a beer or something else, which is more expensive is a "Lady Drink". 2 euros to 5 euros per drink for the lady. Sometimes a lady is looking for as many drinks as possible. If you got an "evil" one, then you will buy many Lady drinks. She will drink her glass immediately empty and will ask for the next lady-drink. Just say make slowly or drink with a other girl if you think she is only crazy for drinks. You do not have to buy drinks if you do not like to. You may go to an other bar. If you don`t like the girls there or only too few girls are in this bar you can simple sit down at an other bar. The Beer Bars partly differ greatly from each other. The more tourists are in the same street the more bars you will see. Depending more bars in one place the hottest girls working there. Simply because there are the most customers. In the most popular corners 100 girls working in about 8 different bars. Next to another. For example, in Soi Buakhao / Soi Diana in Pattaya. More popular bars will mostly ahve the hottest girls, less rip-off and best action. Rip-off with Lady Drinks happen sometimes. So don`t be angry about it. Because the bars do not want to lose the good paying customers. But sure, a lady drink is not unusual. She spends time with you and makes you have a nice evening. A drink for you and the lady belongs to this. So of course you have to buy a drink of Lady, at least one. But you decide. If you want the girl, why not. You are the customer and even if you want to watch only sports can you say that. Drink a beer, relaxe and watch live sports. This is also common. Have a good evening in a bar and visit the next one after. Go for a third drink at a gogobar and take a girl from the club. Everything is possible.

Many of the bars offer billiards. It is very popular to play this game with your girl from the bar. It's just for have fun and good to be a little bit more relaxed. Some exercise, a few beers and get to knowm each other works by itself. The girls play Pool billiard every day, place yourself on a losing the game :)

Let`s go

After the first or second drink you bought for your girl, it is clear whether you want the girl to take to your hotel room. Simply ask if she wants to go with you. She will say "yes" and smile or say "no". "No" could be: Because she have already made a deal with another customer and is still waiting for him (sometimes happens). Maybe she can go out of the bar earliest after 1 or 2pm. It´s because she is the hottest girl in this bar and the boss of the bar does not want to let her go so early. She is the best girl and will attract amny customers. Therefore, she has the instruction not to go out of the bar or go with with a customer until 2 am. Because she is at the bar to attract tourists (very rare). If you say "Yes" then she thinks about "Short Time". That means "you come, I go".

Do you want to spend the whole night until the early morning with her, then ask for "you go with me long time?". You should now talk about the price first. You have to pay the Lady as soon as she will leave your room.
Do you and she agree, then ask about the Barfine. This fee, you have to pay always. 300 baht to 500 baht. This money you pay as a fee directly to the cashier in the bar (Mamasan), or the bar will directly put it on your bill of your drinks. Now you can go. "Let`s go". Going even to celebrate somewhere else (club or an other bar) or go from the bar directly to your room to get to known each other. Sure, you can go directly to your room. Both ways are normal.

Are you currently in a go go bar or in the Soi6, then everything runs a little bit different.

In a GoGoBar prices are higher (approximately twice) and the ladies are dancing on a stage instead of sitting in the bar and waiting for drinks and talking with customers. The girls earn more with lady drinks and waiting for a rich customer. Starting from 1000 to 3000 baht only for the barfine. So expect a realy expensive price to take her for short or long-time if she is on of the hottest girls in the GoGoBar. If you don`t care about watchign girls dancing you should go to Soi6. Many hot girls too for 1/4 of the GoGoBar`s price. Most girls there looking for short-time in the rooms above the bars.

The best places for the most fun with the most attractive girls

Most is going on in the Walking Street (many tourists). Therefore, it has also the largest offer for girls here. The offer refers to 70% of Gogo Bars, 30% of clubs with dance floor and only 10% from Beer bars. These 10% are in mostly in only two places. The bar complex "Simon Walking Streeet & Pattaya Beer Garden" other big beer gardens. Both are located in the same street. (The Walking Street is a very long road with no traffic.) A bar complex is outside the main entrance of Walking Street, all the other approximately in the center of the Walking Street. There are some attractive girls and the 12 bar have each around 10 girls. A bar consists of a large counter with dance bars and seats. With about 2-10 very attractive girls per bar complex you can expect. The hottest girls are in the Gogo Bars and many more from 12 o'clock at night in the clubs (ibar or lucifer) which are also located in the middle of Walking Street. A mix of everything makes the charm of the Walking Street.

Most popular streets with the most relaxed bars, best prices and always great choices are the Soi6, Soi7, Soi8 and Soi Buakhao / Soi Diana including LK Metro. Everything is easy reach. Pattaya isn`t this big. Most fun is going on near beach road and second road. And at this two streets you can use a TukTuk or motorbike taxi day and night. In each of these road are hundreds of girls. Soi 7 very popular for a long evening. The Soi6 is very popular because of the hottest girls, the lowest prices and the highest number of girls. But be warned these girls are out for short time mostly. At the Soi6 short time rooms are upstairs at nearly every beer bar. 200-300 additional baht. Girl around 1000 baht. Have fun !

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A night at the most popular place in Pattaya - a beer bar

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