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Backpacking in Thailand
Tips & experiences for your vacation with the backpack, by Lisa and Frank Backpacking in Thailand
It is not without reason that backpacking in Thailand creates enthusiasm.
Experience beautiful moments, that only requires a one-time preparation to be able to travel through Thailand with a backpack. We would like to report our tips and suggestions for your travel route here.

It is supposed to be a long-distance trip, of course Thailand first comes to mind. As the most famous destination in Asia, it is one of the most visited countries in the world. Southeast Asia offers everything you need and want for a backpacking holiday. Rarely do friends report any disappointment that has been experienced. But on the contrary. Enthusiasm is normal after the holiday and the plan to want to go back there quickly.

Starting with cheap accommodation, you can spend a much longer time here with a limited travel budget than you could within Europe. There is no need to worry about food in Thailand. There are restaurants and street food everywhere. You get full for little money and that's even more delicious.

Our goal was to relax on the beaches, to travel to Thailand but without spending too many hours on buses. We wanted to get to know culture and religion, and we were not averse to a beach party. We are just 21 and 22 years old. Our second vacation together.

Normal beach vacation in Bulgaria or backpacking in Thailand?
First we wanted to go to Mallorca and Bulgaria on the golden sands. It would have been nice, but we quickly found that the cost of a vacation in Thailand is not really expensive. The hotels cost only € 15 instead of € 50 a night, lunch is available from € 3. We had planned 2.5 weeks. There would be a lot for the hotel in Mallorca alone. We had already spent the last vacation a lot by the pool anyway. I have to admit we were a bit lazy on our last vacation two years ago. This time we wanted to experience something completely new. Thailand!

Thailand we are coming
After the first research online, we quickly found that pretty much everyone shares the same opinion, Thailand is the ideal travel destination for backpackers. I have collected some information online and for the flight we bought a paperback to use the time wisely. At least we had planned to do that. A few evenings before the flight, the anticipation was so great that we had read the book one evening before the flight.

We had a total of two large suitcases packed with approx. 16 kg and each had a backpack as hand luggage. Mostly clothes and a few little things. The suitcase was quickly full. We stowed everything important in our hand luggage. Passport and a DKB credit card, an international driver's license, cash and, for security, our normal Sparkassen EC cards. We booked insurance through STA-Travel. Approx. € 1 a day is not worth mentioning. The GoPro7 was more expensive. During my last vacation I dropped my cell phone on the street and the display was broken several times. The GoPro was a bit more stable and had easily survived several small falls.

We booked the outward and return flight without much research. It was easy with Google flights and the prices were acceptable. 530 € for the return flight per person on the QatarAirways website. By train to the airport and through the security check and we were on the plane. Changing once was also pleasant. So we could stretch our legs after 6 hours of flight time. Otherwise everything was very simple.
Arrival was in Bangkok at Suvarnabhumi Airport. We didn't need a visa because we wanted to be in the country for less than 30 days. After 30 minutes we were through the passport control, picked up our luggage at the baggage carousel and were relieved that everything worked out great. Less than 2 minutes later we discovered a ticket counter for a minibus on Khaosan Road. 120 baht (approx. € 4) directly to our hotel. The first shower in the hotel was urgently needed and we were both so excited, I can not put it into words. So many impressions, it was incredible. Everywhere other tourists who were in good spirits and backpacks on their backs. It was very exciting. In the beginning we were totally overwhelmed. Where are we and where are we going? Everyone has to experience it for themselves. An adventure.

The weather was super nice from the first step out of the plane. Admittedly the first 2 days it was just hot. But the heat was pleasant somehow. It's a very different climate than in Europe or Germany. Even at night you could have worn swimming trunks if it weren't for the mosquitoes.

The journey continues
On the first evening we booked a flight from Bangkok "don mueang" airport to Ko Samui. We booked the transport to the airport the evening before. A mini-bus that picked us up in front of the hotel at 7 a.m. cost 120 baht (approx. € 4). We don't know it exactly anymore but it didn't even take 30 minutes and we were already there. The flight also only lasted 1 hour. It all happened very quickly. That was good.

There are so many great islands and places, we couldn't decide. So we went the logical way. The flight to Ko Samui was a great time saver. The bus would also have been possible to go to HuaHin, for example, and then continue by boat, but we decided otherwise.

Ko Samui
The islands of Koh Tao, Ko Samui and Koh Phangan are right next to each other. Approx. 30 minutes away by boat you can do island hopping here at an affordable price. first we were in Samui in the north in "Mae Nam". Pure relaxation, hardly any tourists.
Then we went to the hotspot "Chaweng Beach" for two days and nights. Here it was a luxurious, more tropical party vacation on the beach. The ArkBar was great, 2 days beach and party in the evening. Almost everyone here is our age. While we were still struggling with our jet lag, we continued during the day. We borrowed a scooter and drove to the neighboring town of "Lamai". Beautifully idyllic with a huge beach. It was pleasantly quiet here compared to Chaweng. We ate and tried so much everywhere, unique!

Because the hotel / beach bar Arkbar were quite expensive we are a little further south in Samui, it was almost more pleasant here. A very long road along the beach from the south to the Arkbar. We stayed at the "Cheeky Monkey's Samui" hotel for only € 12 a night. Nice rooms, a bit small but with a roof terrace and a small pool. We often ate there and enjoyed the papaya salad. 1a!

We were here when there was no full moon party. It was almost more beautiful here. But actually it was nice everywhere. When there is no full moon party it is always so pleasantly quiet that we were told. For the party, 30,000 party people are supposed to celebrate and drink on the beach. I would have liked to have seen it but this is not a must for me. Here it was pure paradise. Every evening there is music at the beach bars and bean bags right on the beach to make yourself comfortable. We saw a waterfall and enjoyed ourselves. Really recommendable.

Ko Tao
My favorite was Ko Tao. On arrival, a jeep taxi took a few minutes into the village. Such a tiny little island, incredibly cute 21km². The beach is not really suitable for swimming but perfect for snorkeling and diving. Just stroll through, every place has its charm here. Evening, as always, beach bar with music + fire show + cocktails + relaxation. Excellent !

To make sure we wanted to make our way to Bangkok in time. It was a great vacation. So the last 2 days we went to HuaHin again. That is on the way back. By boat it goes back to the mainland and from there by bus directly to HuaHin.
It was nice there too, but only our 4th place.

The night market in HuaHin was great. As far as I know there is this every evening. It took us 1 hour to get through because we wanted to try something everywhere :)
Eat Eat and Eat :)
In the evening there was really something going on. In Soi Bintabat, half red light half Mallorca. There were so many party goers and the atmosphere was great. The best evening at the end.

The next vacation is already planned, the suitcases are already mentally packed.
Then it should be Phuket, Koh PhiPhi and then Chiang Mai. I'm really happy.
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Backpacking in Thailand

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