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Bangkok + Pattaya - only a few bars are open
The bars in Bangkok and Pattaya have been open since July.
On the first night, however, there was no rush. Hardly any guests and only a few bars were open. "Many streets are still dark and hardly a guest gets lost in the bars," said the bar operator Anyamanee from Soi Buakhao. Bangkok + Pattaya - only a few bars are open
"Finally allowed to work again", "I have lost all my savings," says Nang from Patong. Nang is a dancer in Patong. Dressed freely but with a face mask. The basic salary only makes up a small part of their income. The source of income from tourists is currently likely to be absent. Hardly a lady drink. There is also little going on in Pattaya due to Thailand's entry restrictions. "I took less than 600 baht today" complains the bar operator Anyamanee [note: approx. 17 €].

Bars and massage parlors have recently been allowed to reopen, albeit subject to conditions. Nang from Patong is also happy to work again. The mouthguard doesn't bother her. It remains to be seen how the tourists will arrive. The hope for the moment is September and October. Then the first tourists are expected at least in Phuket.

The distance of 2 meters to the stage and 1 meter between the customers is currently not a problem. There are simply not enough guests left to worry about the space. Those who visit a bar must have their temperature measured and write their name and telephone number on paper. "The guests accept this, but often simply enter the wrong data. It doesn't matter to me personally, but I'm afraid of a check and that I have to close again if a new wave of infection comes," said the bar operator Anyamanee.

Many bar operators opened for financial reasons and now have to find that it is hardly worthwhile. If there is no more going on in the city within the next two weeks, many will probably close again. Quite a few will never open again that the current rental costs will lead to a business abandonment. Those who have not yet opened are eagerly awaiting the end of the pandemic, or at least the easing of international tourists.
Source: own research, interview, image: Barfines and Powerline / YouTube

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Bangkok + Pattaya - only a few bars are open

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