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Bars reopen from July 1st
Bars throughout Thailand will reopen from July 1st. At least the license is given in compliance with 22 regulations. Bars reopen from July 1st
All nighttime entertainment options, including soap massage parlors, will reopen on Wednesday.
This is part of the final easing phase decided by the government. The Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) gave the green light on Monday to reopen all remaining entertainment options. These include pubs and bars, karaoke bars and bath sauna massages.

"There was a lot of discussion," said CCSA spokesman Taweesilp Visanuyothin.
Customers of bars and pubs have to check in on the "Thai Chana" platform when they enter and check out when they leave. This is supposed to allow control over shaky new freedom.

Other spaces that can be reopened include schools and educational establishments, while night entertainment venues, pubs, bars, karaoke bars, beer halls, and beer gardens can remain open until midnight, with the rules of social distancing being enforced. Customers must use the Thai Chana app to check in and check out.

Under the new regulations on reopening, the majority of bar operators have already given their cancellation by July 1st, as well as their regret that a reopening would be too expensive under the regulations and since there were no foreign tourists anyway.

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Bars reopen from July 1st

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