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Covid-19: Operators of Khaosan road are disappointed
Most clubs and nightlife options in Bangkok are still closed or only open on a small scale. "Many adhere to the rules of distance and move tables apart and do not let more guests into the location than allowed. Other bars are full, too full." says Kongphob from Bangkok. Covid-19: Operators of Khaosan road are disappointed
The streets around the famous Khaosan road are actually empty. In Bangkok's party street for young and young at heart, you can walk a long way from each other. There is enough space. Hardly any tourists can be seen. The road surface and the look are brand new. There are some areas with lots of small tables to eat or drink, but no one is sitting there. Just a look further, a bar with an indoor area. Full, except for the last table and chair. The distance between the seating groups is small. At least back to back.

"It annoys me. The guests drink and celebrate without a gap. The bar operators who admit not only endanger the health of their guests but also an extended lockdown for all tourists." I don't want a second wave of infection. If that happens we can’t open this year. Then I'm ruined, "Kongphob says.

Kongphob himself has a bar in the street, he says. It's a small stand with Thai snacks, a small kitchen on wheels with a few tables and stools. He also has a music system to keep the guests happy. Where is it today and why are the chairs and tables not set up?

"The tourists and locals who are still here are all celebrating in the same 2 bars." There are many, too many people in such a small room. They risk that the Corona Virus spreads again and then we have to wait even longer - wait until the international borders open for tourists again. "

Most people know that many bars will never open again. Rents are very high in popular areas like the Khaosanroad. It is now 3 months without income. Nobody can blame early opening of the bars. But Kongphob may be right. Few tourists are there, you could distribute them. At the moment everyone is sitting very close to each other. Some without face masks.

Kongphob also hopes that the mask requirement will be eased soon.
"Keep your distance or wear a mouthguard if the distance cannot be kept. By far, a mask requirement would not be absolutely necessary. Everyone would have something of it and more tourists would come back into the country, because it would feel like vacation again." doesn't hurt anyone, "Kongphob laughs.

Other passers-by are disappointed. "Yes from ruthlessness," Jana from Russia. "In Pattaya the police control and the clubs mostly stick to it. The operators don't care here. I lost my job, I don't feel like partying. Maybe I would be in a party mood as long as tourism is on the ground, so long I don’t have any money. This behavior is just delaying everything. I hope for October.

The most striking are the dark streets that dominate just a few steps away from the individually opened bars. The street is hardly recognizable. The first medical tourists arrive in August. If the experiment is successful, further easing from the Thai government can be expected. If the virus becomes uncontrollable in the tourist areas, no one knows how long the national borders will remain sealed for international tourists. Because at the moment nobody wants to think about this scenario.

Other owners of small food stalls with seating complain that there are too few tourists. It's not worth it, some say. At 10 p.m. some are no longer visible.
Own research, interview, image: Retired Working For You /youtube

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Covid-19: Operators of Khaosan road are disappointed

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