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European tourists must remain outside.
The TravelBubbles only apply to some cities in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar Cambodia, New Zealand, Laos. These are treated preferentially. The virus is under control there. Possible solutions for entry for European tourists were not mentioned at all. European tourists must remain outside.
Source comparison of the discussion online, FCCT Panel Discussion "01/07/2020 FCCT What next for Thailand’s tourism industry?"

The information from the "FCCT Panel Discussion" is interesting in relation to the current TAT information on what is happening in Thailand and how it will continue for tourism.
The answers are very shallow. There is currently no exact plan. Waiting is the solution. Some Asian international tourists could use the travel bubble to test the effectiveness of such travel bubbles. [Author's note]

Tanes Petsuwan says it's a complicated matter, but it would be good to get international tourists back in as soon as possible.
If one takes into account the low number of cases in Thailand and sees what negative effects the current events have on the Thai tourism industry, the "Travel Bubbles" are a good sign to the world that Thailand is ready to let tourists back into the country. But it's hard to say anything specific. We are waiting at the moment. But it is also time to reform everything. From quantity to quality. It is a good opportunity. I no longer expect 40 million tourists. Maybe 20 million. Nature is back and nature has been recovering since we all started working from home. You can see that across the country. In this sense, Thailand is ready as soon as the sky is released again for international flights.

In the side conversation of a note, for the sake of fun, it is noted that a two-day trip of Mr. Petsuwan to London would become an odyssey for business reasons to be able to perceive. After returning to the Kingdom of Thailand, a 2-week quarantine would be the order of the day. This would result in a monthly trip from a 2-day appointment.
At this point, everyone in the room had once again realized the complicated situation.

Tanes Petsuwan says, personally speaking, about the financial support of Thai domestic tourism that the approximately 100,000 foreigners living in Thailand are always taken into account by the TAT.
Special packages for these foreigners in Thailand are currently being created with agoda.com and booking.com. This should be an advantage for travel within Thailand. Other previous offers were ONLY for Thai citizens. The Thai "Bus Authority of Thailand" had previously only offered discounts for Thai citizens. It is currently still unclear what exactly the agoda and / or booking offers will allow. one is in conversation. Since the expats also pay taxes, the sometimes 10 times higher prices in national parks etc. should not actually be and are unfair. As TAT, we can only get the expats' opinions and pass them on to the government. The discussion has already started within the government. The TAT is only advisory and has no legal options to introduce or implement changes.

Gwen Robinson, spokeswoman for the discussion, added that expats also have to be distinguished. There are those who live here and pay taxes through their work, but also those who only live here. So it should / could be differentiated.

Jeninne Lee-St. John further notes that all of the government's promotional efforts were exclusively for Thai compatriots and that no financial relief was offered to expats.

When asked by the public how to avoid a quarantine of 14 days for international tourists, Ms. Marisa Sukosol Nuntibhakdi only noted that there is currently the idea of ​​the 5 islands as travel destinations within Thailand, i.e. the travel bubble. You could expand this, for example, since many Chinese tourists want to go to Chiang Mai, since this region is very popular with Chinese tourists, it would be an idea. All with the help of corona tests at the place of departure and on arrival.

[Tanes Petsuwan] .. that it is important to remember that a large number of Thai citizens outside of Thailand want to return to Thailand. This is the next step after the planned "Travel Bubbles" as soon as they are effective. That is the most important question you are asking yourself at the moment. Whether it will be effective. He continues to think that Thai citizens should be a priority first.
The TravelBubbles only apply to some cities in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, New Zealand, Laos. Focus on Southeast Asia.
Still NO tourists but business people. These "business people" are allowed to enter the country without quarantine. Thai citizens abroad ALWAYS only take into account the 14-day quarantine.

When asked whether it is realistic that Thailand will completely change to a luxury travel destination and whether this is intended, Ms. Marisa Sukosol Nuntibhakdi says that 80% of all hotels in Thailand are small hotels. We are not looking for large money providers, but responsible tourists. Mass tourism is no longer wanted. Currently, 1 million people in the hotel industry have lost their jobs. Gwen Robinson adds that 8.5 million people in Thailand have lost their jobs as a result of the Covid-19 crisis, which is very serious.

TAT = Tourism Authority of Thailand
Source: See discussion online, FCCT Panel Discussion "07/01/2020, accessed 07/07/2020, online at URL youtube.com/watch?v=akk8WflAdX0
Tanes Petsuwan = Tourism Authority of Thailand, Deputy Governor for Marketing Communications.
Varong Israsena Na Ayudhaya = Bangkok Airways Vice President (marketing).
Marisa Sukosol Nuntibhakdi = Vice President, Thai Hotels Association, Chairman THA’s Environment Committee and executive Vice President, Sukosol Hotels.
Michael Marshall = Chief Commercial Officer, Minor Hotels.
Jeninne Lee-St. John = Editor-in-Chief, Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia.

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European tourists must remain outside.

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