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Five select groups are expected to enter Thailand again
6th phase of Covid-19 easing. Five selected groups of foreigners and migrant workers are expected to enter the country. Five select groups are expected to enter Thailand again
CCSA = Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration

The easing has been planned for a while. Who exactly is allowed to re-enter has finally been announced, as the Center for Covid-19 Situation Management (CCSA) will consider the sixth phase of easing Covid-19 this week.

The information comes from a press conference in which Mr. Taweesilp Visanuyothin spoke.
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The relaxation will cover migrant workers in the construction and food export industries, overseas visitors who help organize trade shows, overseas visitors on film production teams, and overseas travelers who are members of the Thailand Elite Card program, said Dr. Taweesilp.
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This is a step further in opening the Thai borders in the foreseeable future.

Elite Card:
Membership Validity: 20 years
Fee: 2 Million THB
Annual Fee: 20.000 THB

It is a question of money.
I find this regulation somewhat strange. In particular, the workers' group and the "elite" group are no more controllable than any other tourist. These could also spread the virus. But better something is happening towards the opening of the border. After all, everyone wants to go back to normal.
CCSA, Taweesilp Visanuyothin, Thailand, Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration

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Five select groups are expected to enter Thailand again

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