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Good to know: The list of the most common scams
Everywhere in the world where there is tourism, there are also fraudsters. No different in Thailand. Good to know: The list of the most common scams

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The taxi driver says a fixed price instead of using the taximeter.
Legally, they have to turn on the taximeter. Fixed prices are mostly overpriced. Some fixed prices are up to 100 times more expensive than the taximeter. Occurs constantly in Bangkok. The Skytrain is always the more sensible means of transportation. Unfortunately there is none for KhaoSan Road. The taxi mafia rules in Phuket. The standard price even for just 50 meters is at least 200 baht.

Taxi driver says while driving to the destination (e.g. temple in Bangkok),
The temple is closed today but he could drive you to a nicer destination (e.g. floating market). That the temple has closed, as well as every other story, is a lie to take you on a scam-trip where you have to buy overpriced and often false gold jewelry or a suit. It is often said that he gets a fuel voucher for everyone he delivers there. If you take a TukTuk then you have to agree on a cheap price and make it clear that you don't want to go to a "fashion show" or anything else. Fashion Show = tailor for suits

Taxi prices as a guide:
approx. 40 baht per kilometer
60 baht within the old town
80 baht from Khao San Road to downtown e.g. Siam Square
300 baht to one of the airports, approx. 30 minutes

Official tourist advisor
In front of tourist attractions, harbors, train stations etc. there are scammers (tugs) who, with a fake ID or even fake clothes, pretend to be official (e.g. from the tourism authority) to sell you overpriced tickets. E.g. Tickets for a temple, long clothes that you have to wear in the temple or tell you the story of the temple that is unfortunately closed today and then rip off with a scam-ride by TukTuk again. Every time a stranger in Thailand speaks to you in English in a tourist area without being expected (no sales stand in sight, has no goods to offer, pretends to be a teacher or reporter or anything else), be careful commanded.

TukTuks are these cute little tricycles with motor. TuksTuks have no taximeter. Fixed prices would be a maximum of 40 baht per kilometer.
However, up to 5000 baht are called. Although air-conditioned and more comfortable, taxis are usually cheaper.

Driver of the motorized tricycle offers you a very cheap city tour. This ends in a scam-tour. After all, in the end you really only have to pay the cheap TukTuk price, but you might have spent an hour with a tailor or let a dozen sellers in a gold shop persuade you to buy overpriced products.

Boats in Bangkok
For a river crossing to the other side or a river tour there are cheap options, which cost between 15 and 40 baht. Right next to official moorings all along the river, scammers are waiting for you to spin other accomplices' tours for a hundred times the price. Instead of 15 baht then 1500 baht up to 5000 baht. No upper limit. The official river boats are large and have a flag at the stern (orange, yellow, green or blue).

ATMs show you on the display whether you accept an "automatic currency conversion". If you agree, the exchange rate of the machine will be used instead of the exchange rate of your credit card provider. This is about up to 10% worse. With € 1000 cash withdrawn, that would be up to € 100 in loss.

Damage to the borrowed vehicle
This applies most to the rental of jet skis.
Rarely with scooters, cars.
After the return, old damage to the vehicle will be charged as if you had caused it. Take photos or video of the vehicle before the contract to rent is signed. Avoid jet skiing.

In bars, the bills are stuffed into a small mug for every drink ordered. Check the number of drinks on the new bill (the invoice) every time.

Restaurants without a price list (menu card) call up moon prices at the end.

Moon prices
Never buy anything where the price has not been agreed or is not clear.
Taxi rides or restaurant visits, no matter what. If the price is not quite clear, a bottle of water in a skybar can be charged for hundreds of euros or a 2-minute TukTuk ride can cost € 50. This is the case in a ping-pong show.

Ping-Pong Show
Generally fraud, prices per beer or surcharge for watching the show will be kept secret until you leave the bar. Several hundred euros are required. Usually the money is aggressively collected.

Invented strokes of fate with the intention of obtaining financial support are told (fairy tales). Commonly known as love chasper, the loyal men fall for it. He likes to pay in trust in a future love relationship, without or despite the knowledge that this is all about money. Often this happens to several men with the same woman in the same time. It is not uncommon for the MONTHLY amounts to be higher.
Experience reports of the most common scams in Thailand

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Good to know most common scams

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Good to know: The list of the most common scams

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