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Ko Samui - Chaweng Beach, very familiar
Ko Samui is south of Koh Phangan. One of the most popular destinations in Thailand. Much quieter than Bangkok and so how tropical Thailand imagines.
The island is not particularly large. Within one afternoon you could circumnavigate Ko Samui nearly even with the scooter. This is what makes these islands so interesting. It comes down to a feeling of tropical island paradise. Ko Samui  - Chaweng Beach, very familiar
The best experience is certainly to go with a rented scooter from Chaweng Beach in the south along the north or discover the smaller Lamai in the south of Chaweng Beach. Lamai is quieter than Chaweng area. The tourist attractions are also located in Lamai and in the north there is also a small airport and the Grandfather Rock / Grandmother Rock, named Wat Plai Laem. A Mummified Monk, or the great statue "Big Buddha". The objectives in the North or South to reach comfortably within 20 minutes by scooter or a tour that is rented there. The streets are empty compared to Bangkok. Really impressive to explore such a small island.

In Ko Samui, however, is always something going on. Clearly the Chaweng Beach is the most popular. The center is the ArkBar. Who want to have some quiet, stylish go further north or south of Chaweng beach. The ArkBar is very commercial and not very romantic. Boring it is not here. Most of the beach area in the evening is very busy. During the day, at night and otherwise is the center of the action along the Chaweng Beach. The Chaweng Beach to the north east is the island. It is classified a business on the other. It is hard to get through to the beach possible because building to building blocks the view and path to the beach. To get to the beach the way through a hotel (Hotel Garden) is necessary. There are all along the beach only 1-2 public access. As I said, a very commercial setting. drink food, souvenirs, coffee is offered during the day more than anywhere else on the islands. There is a large shopping center with typical fashion shops, ATMs and a public square which is always well attended. Dinner runs music and serve alcohol. The shopping center is not to miss. With the most modern buildings can already be seen from afar. offering a great place which has at least 50 different food stalls just a few minutes further, hidden by a narrow passage. Each with local food and drinks. Probably the best place on the island to the evening to eat. The entire road along the beach is built with shops. but also effects a bit too touristy from. The beach during the day is mainly well attended at the Ark Bar. Chairs were free. but is expected to place an order (coffee, beer, etc.). Can simply be bringing a coffee, do not move and relax. The beach is pretty narrow and not quite as nice as example in Patong Phuket.

Interesting is the Arkbar and the surrounding bars from the evening.
The beach chairs obtain beige provides a table. Loud music sounds from boxing right on the beach.
There are many seating right next to the beach. On the beach the beach chairs remain. 3 meters in front of it takes hours every night a very good fire show by several artists. Highlight is always the Friday. The deckchairs move aside and a beach party invites for celebration. There is dancing and drinking on the beach. Then pull diejeneigen further in the Disco Green Mango, the drinking was not enough buckets (of alcohol down the drain). The Green Mango is an open disco. Wooden floor and feel a large terrace let the party mood quickly rise. Who's on "fun" tourism out in the Green Mango has the best opportunities. The road to "Samui Bungy Jump" see card is specially made for it. The road on Chaweng Beach is not affected by "fun" tourism. Only the U-shaped road to the Disco Green Mango has about 10 pubs with pool table and a "fun" deal.

Lamai gives the impression to evolve towards Chaweng. Published currently but rather restless, little clean. The beaches are spotless.
Ko Samui is perfect to visit the Full Moon Party. Approximately 1 hour by a LongTail boat and takes you right from Samui to Phangan. Return trip can book easily.

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Chaweng Beach Koh Samui Ko Samui Thailand small island tropical island

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Ko Samui - Chaweng Beach, very familiar

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