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Long queues all over Thailand. Thailand had put the visa rules on hold for all tourists until July 31, 2020 and automatically extended every stay until the end of July. Now it's over. Now it source: Richard Barrow in Thailand

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"Please note, if you’re on a visa that has expired, it’s very important that you get it cancelled now. You are NOT on “visa amnesty” until you do that. Some people had a temporary 7-day stamp after submitting the embassy letter but never went back because of the amnesty. Go back!" Richard Barrow

Disgruntled tourists in Thailand who have to justify their stay somehow stand in endless queues in front of the immigration authorities all over Thailand. Those who do not have a new residence permit by the end of July are staying illegally in the Kingdom of Thailand.

For violations of the visa requirements, there is at least one entry in the passport, a fine that increases every day and, in the worst case, a re-entry ban for the future.

It always gets worse as soon as a tourist or emigrant is stranded in Thailand without a visa. There are currently no flights that could bring you home. Most residence permits, however, state that everyone has to leave the country after 90 days at the latest, even if they then return directly. This is the only way the visa remains valid. Anything else would be illegal. But an exit is not possible. All borders are tight. Even if, a new entry into Thailand is also not possible.

So now all non-Thai people in the country come together in front of the immigration authorities and stand on their legs in the stomach.

"This video clip was sent to me of Immigration on Samui this morning. Stranded tourists & expats are trying to extend their stay but there are many hoops to jump through. Some have told me they’re being fined for overstaying even though there are no flights. Madness! #Thailand" Richard Barrow (Vgl.)
source: photo und information, Richard Barrow in Thailand, accessed on July 10, 2020, online unter URL: https://twitter.com/RichardBarrow/status/1247356682658648064/photo/1
source: Richard Barrow in Thailand

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