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Packing list Thailand
Money & finance
☐ bag or compartment in hand luggage
☐ EC card (bank card)
☐ Credit card + Bank emergency numbers
☐ Wallet
☐ Cash
☐ Tan generator (necessary depending on the bank)
☐ Access online banking and PIN already + prepare at home

A fanny pack or an easily accessible bag in your hand luggage for your wallet, passport and plane tickets / handbag because you often have to take them out.

Take enough cash with you if:
The train ticket to the airport will be lost.
Short taxi ride is necessary.
Money for food and drink on the trip.
Excess baggage must be paid (too much weight)
Money for 2-3 days if the bank card should not work in Thailand. You can always exchange cash in Thailand. Packing list Thailand Download packing list Thailand

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Everywhere in Thailand you can get cheap washing within 24 hours. A thin or thick jacket depending on the weather on departure. Sweaters or thin jackets for the evening and because air conditioning systems are usually set too cold, airport, plane, minibus, shopping center, scooter rides. Thin or medium socks, also for cold flights. A hat as sun protection. Mosquito-proof, especially in the evening.

☐ Bubble plasters
☐ Anti-bubble stick
☐ diarrhea tablets
☐ Headache tablets
☐ Febrile tablets
☐ Moskito spray
☐ Insect bite healer
☐ Personal medication
☐ Tablets / chewing gum for nausea

Everywhere in Thailand there are pharmacies for the usual medicines.
It is best to keep documents in a waterproof protective cover.
Passport and plane tickets in hand luggage.
Directions from the airport arrival to the hotel, roughly find out the taxi price and journey time beforehand.
Tip: The "Grab" app for booking a taxi ride. As an alternative to the means of transport offered at the airport.

Records & documents
☐ Health insurance abroad (proof)
☐ International driving license
☐ Hotel documents (booked hotel)
☐ Vaccination card
☐ Health insurance card
☐ Passport + passport cover
☐ Flight ticket
☐ Waterproof cover for plane ticket
☐ Diving certificate
☐ Visum (if necessary)
☐ Direction description
☐ Train ticket and Bahncard
☐ Copy of passport (page with name and visa if already applied for)

Rain cover for rain and against dirt.
Daypack for beach walks or excursions.
Zip bag, also for hand luggage (toothbrush, etc.). Copy of the passport also in the hand luggage and in the suitcase.

☐ Dry Bag
☐ Pack cubes
☐ Rain cover
☐ Protective cover for electronics
☐ Day backpack
☐ Zip bag
☐ Book or audio books
☐ Luggage tag or ribbon
☐ mosquito net
☐ earplugs / Oropax
☐ Travel blanket for flight / train / bus
☐ 1 small towel to dry off
☐ 1 larger beach towel (thin)
☐ 1 ballpoint pen or pen
☐ Sleeping glasses
☐ Flashlight
☐ Padlock for lockers in the hostel
☐ Own headphones for flight and beach
☐ Mobile phone
☐ Mobile phone charging cable and plug
☐ Socket adapter for Thailand

Luggage tag: Many have the exact same suitcase. You can hardly distinguish your own on the baggage carousel. A trailer or something else makes sense. Also for hand luggage.
Mosquito net if beach bungalows or budget rooms are booked.
Earplugs for the flight or if the booked room faces the noisy street or when traveling with groups in a shared room / hostel
Sleeping glasses if restless sleep for the flight but also because the curtains in Thailand are mostly very translucent. Flashlight in the event of a power failure (rarely occurs, cell phone light is actually sufficient)
own research, download: own document
Download packing list Thailand

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Packing list Thailand

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Packing list Thailand

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