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Pattaya: Hotels up to around € 30 per night
There is enough choice for every price range in the "fun" city of Pattaya.
But there can be qualitative worlds between two hotels with the same price.
It is enough mold in the bathroom .. a noisy main street that does not let you sleep .. or the photos of the rooms that have nothing to do with reality. I have been to the following hotels several times myself. Always at least 1 week each. Sutus Court is by far the most popular because the location is really perfect. The March Hotel is the most cozy, you have to walk 10 minutes or take a scooter taxi (30-100 baht). I like to use the "Sleep with me", but only if the price is currently not higher than 25 €. This fluctuates a lot. Pattaya: Hotels up to around € 30 per night

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Pattaya: Hotels up to around € 30 per night

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