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Pattaya is eagerly awaiting tourists
Pattaya is eagerly awaiting tourists.
The queues before the food expenses are getting longer. The streets are swept clean, only the people in front of the queues breathe life into the city. Pattaya is eagerly awaiting tourists
You can almost cross the streets without looking left or right. One of 20 stores is open at night. It remains dark and the outlook for the coming days is bleak. According to the plans of the Thai government, Thailand will probably open its borders from September 1st. As well as the first "test tourists" arrive from August and remain mostly virus-free until September. Hardly anyone will dare to book a flight because it is absolutely unclear when a European tourist can finally enter. So everything stays in the old / new condition in Pattaya, Phuket and on the islands too.
own research, Youtube: Asian Wish / Pattaya at Breaking Point - Hundreds of people lining up for food | But there is hope

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Pattaya people lining up for food

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Pattaya is eagerly awaiting tourists

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