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Pattaya - No entry without registration - QR code scan with Thai Chana App
Traceability through QR code scan when visiting bars, clubs and publicly accessible entertainment establishments. From now on you have to scan a QR-Code before visiting a bar or club. Pattaya - No entry without registration - QR code scan with Thai Chana App
Pattaya - Opened since July 1st, everyone must register before entering. The APP THAI CHANA is required for this. A QR code is scanned using this. The location and the time (at least this data) is then saved. This should enable traceability. In its latest report, the Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) requires check-in in all pubs, bars, karaoke bars, beer halls and other facilities, as well as in soap massage parlors.
This rule applies immediately and without exception to all guests of bars, pubs, karaoke bars, discotheques, body massage parlors and all other facilities related to nightlife. Scanning must be done upon entering.

The Thai Chana app, developed by Krung Thai Bank, serves as a national tool for tracking and notifying people who may have been exposed to the corona virus. Thus, the duties and circumstances of the face masks and body temperature controls now include location tracking.

Compliance with the rules in restaurants and rooms that are already open is poor. Locally, these guidelines are less adhered to, but controls are not unlikely.

Since the reopening of bars and clubs has started, the control app seems to have a higher priority.

However, since there are currently very few foreign tourists in Pattaya, most bars and clubs will not open at all. It remains to be seen whether the first international flights will stick to the THAI CHANA app. The data volumes would then have to become extremely confusing at some point. In hot spots like Walking Street in particular, a single COVID-19 case would affect the majority of visitors to Pattaya.

Source: Bangkok Post (/tech/1938848/the-price-of-safety), der-farang (de/pages/rueckverfolgung-per-qr-code-scan-bei-bar-und-club-besuch)
image: buchachon / www.indivstock.com

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Pattaya - No entry without registration - QR code scan with Thai Chana App

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