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Prices for "fun" in Pattaya
Where, how and how much?
In Pattaya City, it is very easy to meet pretty girls that offer their special services. Most busy it is in and around the Walking Street itself. On the other side to the north of the city (15 minutes) the Soi-6 is located. But from the Walking Street from to Soi-6 is also everything possible. Pattaya leaves no wish "unsatisfied". [A Soi is a side street.] Prices for "fun" in Pattaya

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The majority of Pattaya visitors speaks from experience and from this it can be seen that Pattaya is highly recommended in price level. Especially compared to other places in Thailand like Phuket or Bangkok.

Even Bangkok and the Bangla Road have an absolutely adequate supply, however, the number of girls and the rates differ partially. Prices in Pattaya are the best. The atmosphere is like a redlight district. The cityscape is dominated by an endless number of beer bars. Go Go bars and massage shops (with happy ending).

The prices for beautiful woman are clearly the most diverse in Pattaya.
Basically,prices are 750-1500 baht(€ 30-50) for Short-Time ("you cum I go"). A Lady stays over night and until noon for 1200-2000 baht. Remember, in beer bars (€ 15) or go go bars (+€ 35) you have to pay a additional barfine to take the girl out of a location to your room.

Prices vary
Different rates have come about made through your own appearance, sympathy, attractiveness and the location in which you your acquaintance. Logical: Is your last shower a few days overdue expect a higher price.

The cheapest and best way for fun
There is the street in which it is super cheap and the hottest girls work. Many of the girls there could work in Go Go bars. In this street, most bars and girls are in one spot. You can only drink a beer or go directly short-time with your chosen one. The prices are really great with 800 to 1200 Baht (maximum) and 200-300 Baht room rent.

The road is the Soi6. Just take a TukTuk for 10 Baht the 2nd-Road along the Central-Festival. 3 minutes with a tuktuk and past the Soi8, Soi 7 and you have already arrived. The Soi6 is now on the left and goes completely through to the beach (Beachroad). Have fun! You could walk along the beach too, but it takes 20 minutes by walk. Better to take a tuk tuk at 2nd road (not beach road).

Girls at the beach promenade
These women work only for themselves and are never registered, registered and have no fixed location. The prices a few years ago at 500 baht for Short-Time, 2017 at about 700 baht to 1000 baht. Prices for Long-Time, ie until the next day will be approximately 1000 baht to 2000 baht.

Caution: It is said to have a criminal nature Ladys. For example, stealing valuables from the hotel room while you are showering. You no longer could find her after this night. She is nowhere employed by whom could you complain you? Safety deposit box is mandatory in Pattaya. Never leave your money open on the table. Do you offer the lady no temptation to do evil then nothing will happen in this direction.

HOTEL - The best places for your stay
If you stay near the beach, along the first or second road, you will have the best experience. The TukTuks drive only one way. From north of Pattaya at the beach road to south of Pattaya. After they change to second road in the south and will drive along this street until they reach the north again. North to south and to north again. Starting in the morning 7am and until 5am in the morning on the next day. Nearly 24 hours every day. Price 10 Baht only.

It`s not far to the beach road so you can walk along the beach road.
You can easily take a TukTuk from anywhere at the beach road to Walking Street. As soon as you want go to your hotel you drive home along the Second Road. Super easy.

You can take a hotel after the first and second road too. Near the hospital are a few popular too (Soi Buakhao).
But you have to walk 5-10 minutes from one to another road. if you stay near the hospital you need 15 minutes to the beach by walk. At the midday boring, but in the evening its a lot fun.

Thai women/ Freelance women from the clubs
In Pattaya up to 90% of the disco visitors are ready for a "tip" to go with you to your hotel room. You do not believe? You will see how quickly an attractive Thai will sit next to you after a brief smile.

Many visitors go exactly for this to the clubs. Pattaya is for thai women to make quick money in this business. A Thai monthly salary averages 200 €. The lure in a few hour (s) € 35. This attracts many young Thai women from poorer north of Thailand to Pattaya. The selection in the discos is suitable for large and interested tourists especially late in the evening. As well as the Go Go bars close you will see the Go Go dancers in the clubs.

Even those who find love Partying but not buying fun acceptable, are exactly right. In the eyes of Thais are European men "attractive" and "wealthy". Thais love to party. Not for nothing it is called the Land of Smiles [LOS = Land of smile]. The like to celebrate the thais is readily apparent. The discos are full and the atmosphere always good. The flirtatious true. For the Thai women you are also an adventure. There is no reason why one should not flirt at the disco. Prices beginning to be called at 1000 baht for Long-Time. Short-Time makes little sense because it usually late at night, and the lunch already close.

Thai women in a Beer-Bar
Thai bar girls are no dancers as in the Go Go bars. You play billiards in the baror just hang around in the bar only. The girls try to sell you Lady Drinks and start a conversation with you. Name? From where? For how long in Thailand? Can I go with you to the hotel? Bum Bum?

The prices are a lot cheaper than in the Go Gobars. if you want to take out the girl, long time or only short time, then you have to pay a barfine. Around 500 baht. You have to pay these amount because the girl can not sell drinks to other customers while she is out of the bar. 250 - 500 baht are the rule. The amount goes directly to the MammaSan of the bar. 1000-2000 baht be invoked for a typical bar girls. Short time girl maybe only call 1000 baht. Long time 1500-2000 baht. Would you like any longer with you have increased the priceup to 2000-3000 baht. You are particularly sympathetic or handsome? Yes, then there's all the fun sometimes even for free.

Thai women in massage parlors (with a happy ending)
You want to have just a massage? However, "accidental" touches on sensitive areas are intent. The lady wants to offer you an "extra service". "fun"ual services start from 450 baht to 2000 baht. The massage itself there already for 150-500 baht per hour.

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Prices for " fun" in Pattaya prices for girls in pattaya

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Prices for "fun" in Pattaya

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