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Restart tourism: travel-bubbles probably in October
On (approx.) August 15th it is decided whether the "Travel Bubbles" will be dared. At the beginning of August 4 groups are allowed to return to Thailand as an attempt to stimulate tourism. Restart tourism: travel-bubbles probably in October Travel-Bubbles countries
As part of the "We Travel Together" campaign to promote domestic tourism in Thailand, it was also mentioned that the step towards restarting international tourism will continue to be "travel bubbles".

The first entry of the 4 groups (medical tourists, film teams, Thailand elite cardholders and exhibitors) will take place in early August. If no infections are imported, the travel bubbles will be possible for low-risk countries. It was not mentioned which countries these are.

"We have to wait until Aug 15 to see if there are any problems two weeks after allowing the first batch," Mr Phiphat said. "I'm confident the travel bubbles scheme for tourists from low-risk countries will take place by October."
[Tourism and Sports Ministry. Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn]

The last time the travel bubbles were discussed, the countries were named:

"The TravelBubbles only apply to some cities in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar Cambodia, New Zealand, Laos."
(Article from July 07, 2020; https://www.thailand-faq.com/article/european-tourists-must-remain-outside-513658.html)
Source Bangkok Post, accessed July 30, 2020, online at URL: https://www.bangkokpost.com/business/1959595/travel-stimulus-scheme-may-run-till-year-end, image: 25ehaag6 / indivstock.com
Travel-Bubbles countries

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Restart tourism: travel-bubbles probably in October

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