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Soi6 Pattaya in Thailand
The cheapest and best way for fun

There is the street in which it is super cheap and the hottest girls work. Many of the girls there could work in Go Go bars. In this street, most bars and girls are in one spot. You can only drink a beer or go directly short-time with your chosen one. The prices are really great with 800 to 1200 Baht (maximum) and 200-300 Baht room rent. Soi6 Pattaya in Thailand
The road is the Soi6. Just take a TukTuk for 10 Baht the 2nd-Road along the Central-Festival. 3 minutes with a tuktuk and past the Soi8, Soi 7 and you have already arrived. The Soi6 is now on the left and goes completely through to the beach (Beachroad). Have fun!

You could walk along the beach too, but it takes 20 minutes by walk.
Better to take a tuk tuk at 2nd road (not beach road).

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Pattaya Soi6 Thailand

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Soi6 Pattaya in Thailand

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