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Thailand. Itinerary + individual trip
Individual tourism instead of visiting a travel agency is simply to book everything online and individually. In addition to a larger offer, you can also save a lot. Thailand. Itinerary + individual trip

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1. Flight Find the cheapest flight with the shortest possible flight time
2. Places decide which places you want to see
3. Hotels Book hotels

1. Flight
By far the best site to search for flights is Google Flights.
Online at URL: https://www.google.com/flights

The website opens. Return flights are already specified.
1.1 Enter the first airport, e.g. "Frankfurt" [FRA].
1.2 Click again in the same field but this time on [+]
1.3 and enter another departure location, e.g. "Munich" [Munich].
Click on the blue tick.

1.4 Click on the field to the right of it and enter "Bangkok" select [Bangkok, Thailand]
1.5 Select the date for the outward flight and then for the return flight.
You will now see the total price for a return flight.
1.6 Take a look at the offers below. The first are usually the best. You will now automatically have the best offers available. With the selection you can then decide with which provider you want to start the booking. If the price is the same, it is advisable to book directly with the airline, but also with Expedia etc. there is no disadvantage.

No visa is required for a vacation of up to 30 days. Make sure the passport is valid for at least 6 months. A flight can therefore be booked directly. With at least 11 hours it's not a short flight. The best flights start from Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin. Düsseldorf or even Paris are also recommended. Many flights from one or the other airport are around € 100 cheaper / more expensive. There are direct flights and cheaper ones with a stopover.
The same applies to the return flight. It is not worth buying the tickets individually. The price is always higher (almost twice as expensive). Therefore, book a return flight together. A stopover is not necessarily a bad thing. If you can't sleep on a plane, the 6 hours to a stopover are far too long. If you know each other well and know that most of you can sleep through the night, direct flights from, for example, Thai Airways are great. The shortest flight time with only 10 hours 50 minutes. For smokers and people who can not sit bored after 6 hours of boredom, Qatar-Airways, Oman-Air, Etihad Airways and many more are recommended who make a stopover of 1-2 hours after about 6 hours. You don't have to pick up your luggage at a stopover. Just change.

2. Places
Everyone has to decide the locations for themselves. This is where the opinions of friends or acquaintances are most helpful. Each place has its own peculiarities, but also individually felt disadvantages. The journey within Thailand is uncomplicated. However, some places are relatively far apart. [Caution! Don't screw up the adventure too much by already streaming everything on Youtube.] If you like the place, you stay longer and just book a few more days. If the place doesn't like it, "mini-bus" transports are offered everywhere for a few euros to nearby places. Otherwise you take a transport / minibus to the nearest small airport and fly for around 25 € within Thailand. It's very easy. The flights should definitely be preferred for long distances (north to south). The same or similar price as a bus transport but 10 times faster could be the conclusion of the domestic flights. Taking into account the travel time including arrival to the airport, as well as the waiting time and boarding, it is sometimes more convenient to simply get in a minibus and let yourself be driven. The ferry from Surat-Thani to Ko Samui is a huge catamaran. Such a fast and huge catamaran and also a simple mini-bus are also a little adventure.

The top itinerary could be:

Bangkok 1-2 nights [Khaosan Road falls for the first time in Thailand]
- Alternative: Direct onward flight to the south or to Chiang Mai

Phuket 1-3 nights [Patong beach, similar to Mallorca with red light party nightlife]
- Alternative: Phuket [another quieter beach in Phuket / Phuket old town]

If nightlife doesn't bother you, Patong is for everyone. The beach is beautiful and there are several beaches to visit. Phuket is big. In addition to Patong, there are many beaches, from quiet to Ballermann (Patong Beach). The old town is charming and popular, but women or couples traveling alone generally prefer Chiang Mai, Ko Tao and Phi-Phi.

Krabi 1-3 nights [Ao Nang Beach] and day trip to Ko Phi Phi.
- Alternative: Directly to Ko Phi Phi [island without traffic, hotels not cheap]
- Alternative: Directly to Ko Lanta

Krabi is very relaxed and looks special. Too boring for party-goers. For everyone else, perfect for a few days.
Ko Phi Phi looks uniquely good. One of the most special places in the world. Very small, without traffic, hotels are not cheap because there are "few". But quickly crowded in high season. Therefore, in the high season, more of a party atmosphere, especially in the evening.

Afterwards it goes to Surat Thani (6 hours by bus) to get on a ferry (large catamaran ship). In Thailand you always book complete transport packages. These are sold wherever there are tourists. These complete transport packages offer to take you to XY. Everything is included there. The mini bus that picks you up at the hotel, the large bus for long distances and the last part with the catamaran is included in the price. You don't have to worry. Arrived at the port in Surat Thani .. This ship takes you to one of the three following islands. The ship goes to all 3 destinations. The islands are only about 1 hour apart. Therefore it is perfect to visit all three. Another route could also fly directly from Phuket to Ko Samui for around € 100. You have free choice.

Ko Samui [2 nights, younger crowd, night party at Chaweng Beach]
Ko Pha-ngan [1-2 nights, very idyllic when there is no full moon party]
Ko Tao 2 nights [very small & beautiful island]
- Alternatively: only one of the islands stays relaxed and longer

Hua Hin 1-2 nights [rather quiet but suitably on the way]
Chian Mai 2-4 nights (big old town, very popular]
Chiang Mai is either by plane from Ko Samui or cheaper by boat (catamaran) to Hua Hin and from there by mini-bus.

Most flights land in Bangkok (in the north of Thailand). Alternatively in Phuket, which is located in the south of Thailand. A bus ride between the two destinations would take around 12 hours. A cheap flight is only around 25 € and takes less than 2 hours.

Most tourists land in Bangkok and visit the city for 1 night. After 1-2 days in Bangkok at the latest, the journey continues. Either in the north to Chiang-Mai, in the north-east to Pattaya or directly in the south to Koh-Samui, Phuket, Koh-Tao, Krabi, Koh-Phi-Phi ..

North Chiang Mai should definitely be visited. 3 days are enough for a good impression. If you like it, you stay longer. Every kind of tourist likes to visit this big city. Warning: there is no beach, but culture and colorful old town life.

In north-east Thailand, Pattaya offers a medium-sized city of pure nightlife BUT only for adult audiences, especially men traveling alone who want a female companion for the holiday go there. Absolutely unsuitable for couples and women traveling alone or vacation with children.

Everyone further south finds their dream beach. Starting with Hua-Hin which is only a little far away from Bangkok. It is sufficient to drive south with a cheap van (minibus) for 2 hours.

- Single men looking for a "partner" and "fun" usually go directly to the northeast to Pattaya, at the airport, about 5 €, about once every hour with a large bus. From morning until around 10 p.m. Bookable directly at the airport. Very easy. On the outward journey there may be a stop in a travel agency, name your hotel there so that you can also be taken directly by mini-bus. Some buses only drive to the bus stop, where TukTuks are waiting for you. Ask beforehand whether "direct to hotel or bus station?". Direct to the hotel is good, bus station is bad because extra costs.

2. Hotel
A hotel can be booked via expedia.de, agoda.de, booking.de etc.
It's easy as pie and reviews from Tripadvisor can also help. If you are not on the road in December or January, there is always a free hotel as you wish. Budget hotels are sold out faster in the high season. From prices of around € 40 per night you have a good selection all year round. So you could only book the hotels for 1-2 days at a time.
It is also possible to go directly to the hotel, look at the room and then pay in cash. But do not expect a discount.
TIP: "Google Maps Hotels Patong" [replace name of place] is worth googling and zooming in on the place. You can easily identify hotspots by the larger number of hotels within a radius. If there are hardly any or no hotels, this place is rather unsuitable for tourists because little infrastructure is available for tourism (restaurants, means of transport etc.).

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Thailand. Itinerary + individual trip

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