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Thailand plans to restart tourism with "Travel Bubbles"
Thailand plans to relaunch international tourism. Without quarantine but limited in the number of tourists and places that can be visited. Thailand plans to restart tourism with "Travel Bubbles"
The following cities have been selected for the "travel bubble":
Chiang Mai (city in the north)
Koh Samui (small island)
Krabi (smaller area)
Phuket (top travel destination)
Pattaya (place for adult "fun" tourists)

The most popular travel destination in Asia is still closed to tourists. European tourists in particular are currently unable to enter. The government of Thailand is now planning the first tests with a maximum of 1000 tourists entering the country per day. The experiment should finally bring money back into the country through tourism and show whether the virus would then spread again within 30 days. If the infection numbers could be kept under control, the "travel bubbles" could be recorded as a success. The next easing phase could begin with this success.

These 1000 visitors a day could then go on vacation in one of the locations without a 14-day quarantine. The start is according to the TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) August 1, 2020.

The next phase (phase 2) would also allow other places to be opened to tourists. The limit of 1,000 people arriving would then be increased and individual travelers would also be allowed. If the phase is also successful, the country would strive for full opening.

Which countries are eligible for the test?
Countries that have been identified as virus-free for 60 days by the WHO. So no European country comes into question. China, Japan and Taiwan are to be given the opportunity, even if they are not virus-free. Things are not looking good for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

We have to wait until August 1st and the following 30 days.
If the experiment succeeds and only a few new infections happen, the Thai borders could also open up to other countries.
That would be September 1st.
Tourism Authority of Thailand, image created by: Wetzkaz / indivstock.com

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Tourism Authority of Thailand August 1st Travel Bubbles

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Thailand plans to restart tourism with "Travel Bubbles"

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