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The tricks of the online booking portals for hotels and flights
Basically, the well-known booking portals such as Expedia, Agoda or booking.com are recommended. The offer is huge, the prices low and the comparison very clear. But every booking portal tries to stand out from the competition and wants you to access and pay as soon as possible. Various tricks are used to hide the fact that you could actually book on another website because the vast majority of hotels can be booked anywhere. The tricks of the online booking portals for hotels and flights
Since we let ourselves be seduced by the tricks while browsing through the offers, we don't even think that you could book directly on the hotel website. Sometimes this is cheaper. But if you have your favorite portal, you don't take it very seriously.

The tricks
- - - - - -
"Only 3 rooms left"
This notice is often simply displayed in the font color red as a kind of warning. It is questionable whether this number is really correct. Even if this is true, it only says that on one website only 3 rooms are available, because each booking portal has a certain quota. If it is fully booked on booking, there are still vacant hotel rooms on Expedia or TUI. They want to make you book quickly and without thinking by reacting quickly. Such business practices are actually prohibited, but this trick has always been seen.

- - - - - -
"50% discount TODAY only"
Discounts are always promised, but should only apply today. If you look online again 2 days later, the discounted price is already available again. At least one hotel is always advertised with a high price. Don't let that influence you, there are rarely real bargains. Most "offers" of this kind are wrong. See next trick ..

- - - - - -
"Price before: 144 € .. Special price: 22 €"
This trick is slowly taking over. Some, especially Agoda and Booking, call high fantasy prices for a hotel room per night. The room was never offered at this very high price. The "special price" is the regular price. Sometimes 1 or 2 € cheaper, but never, as stated, around 122 € cheaper. Particularly striking but effective. This is how every offer looks like an incredible bargain. Don't be tempted and logically decide which hotel is worth the money. Easy to check whether the "before price" is realistic by simply looking at other portals like hotels.com or expedia.com to find out what a room in this hotel costs.

- - - - - -
"This hotel has been booked 22 times today"
This is intended to convey a popularity that a hotel apparently should have. The source code of such texts on the booking portals has been exposed several times. Here a random number between 20 and 40 is simply generated by the computer. This is a marketing trick.

- - - - - -
A room that is already cheap is even cheaper on Agoda than on the hotel website itself.
In many cases, unfortunately, hotels have some less beautiful rooms, for example on a noisy main street or with poor views or a little smaller than everyone else. These hotels will of course then be given to the hotel guests who have paid the least. So sometimes the cheaper price comes about. You can see that again and again in the reviews of the hotels. If the room in a price range was mostly rated well, but your individual reviews about terrible complaints. "Mold in the bathroom" "I couldn't sleep a night" "shabby and tiny room"

- - - - - -
"Rating: very good"
Since you look at the reviews to find out whether a room is good or bad, it is all the more annoying that the portals always try to advertise ALL hotels as good. If you pay attention, you will notice that even if all customer reviews write how terrible the hotel is .. the worst hotel in town .. then even the rating that the portal shows is still "satisfactory".
Most of the time the designation "very good" or "excellent" is already large next to the name of the hotel on the website of the booking portal. The reviews are so bad, it starts with "This hotel was rated VERY GOOD".

- - - - - -
It is only possible not to be fooled if different sources of information are used. Read reviews on Tripadvisor, see prices on other booking portals etc. The tricks of the booking portals are not optimal, but with some research and once you know them, you can continue to book with them without problems and have a great time on vacation.

- - - - - -
Booking, Agoda KAYAK, Momondo all belong to one company.
If you want to compare, also use Expedia or TUI etc.

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The tricks of the online booking portals for hotels and flights

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