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Top 3 nightlife hotspots in Bangkok
Bangkok's nightlife is one of the good reasons to visit the capital of Thailand. Tourists and emigrants prefer this city precisely because of the wide range of nightlife. We present the top 3 hotspots to you here.

Top 3 nightlife hotspots in Bangkok KhaoSan-Road hotels on Booking.com

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The distance between the party hotspots is sometimes large. A cumbersome trip between destinations should be avoided. The most popular hotspots for a party are:
1. KhaoSan Road
2. Sukhumvit
3. RCA

1. KhaoSan Road
is the "small" street that everyone explores on their first visit to Thailand. Backpackers and young party people bustle here. There are plenty of bars and a small discotheque. Alcoholic beverages in buckets are just as popular as chang beer and loud music can be found all the way down the street. All around there are other streets with countless restaurants. Tourists stay near KhaoSan Road for the first 1-3 days because it is an exciting start for the first visit to Thailand.

Tip: Soi Ram Butri is the almost more popular street because it is beautiful in the evening. Marked on the map as "KhaoSan Road 3".
Tip: Cheap hotels can be found in the direction of and along "KhaoSan Road 2".

Note: The hotels on KhaoSan Road themselves are more expensive and some budget rooms get the loud party music undamped until early in the morning.

Club on KhaoSan Road
"The Club KhaoSan" is very popular with "drunken backpackers" who want to inspire young locals for a night. It is exactly about whoever has the same intention can celebrate really well here. Here you will find around 50% students from Bangkok who only make a pilgrimage to KhaoSan Road to celebrate. The club is somewhat hidden in the middle of KhaoSan Road after an inconspicuous entrance to the "basement area".

2. Sukhumvit
that's the name of the main street. A sky train runs along this route through Bangkok. [Tip: This skytrain is generally preferred for all journeys because it can be used to avoid the traffic jam in Bangkok's streets. ]
This large area in the center is the most famous. This is the adult version of KhaoSan Road, which means that there are a lot of red light districts with beer bars and GoGo bars. There are a total of 5 streets that are the most popular. These are all along the main Sukhumvit street. To get from the first hotspot along the main road to the last, a 4km walk is the order of the day. It is therefore worth using a taxi or BTS (Skytrain).

2.1 Nana
A lot of beer bars and GoGo bars can be found in "Sukhumvit Soi4". This is colloquially called "Nana" because the sky train station "Nana BTS Station" is only less than 400 meters away. There are many freelance women and a lot of tourists in the Nana.

A club for afterwards is also within reach. The "Levels Club" is recommended. This is located at Sukumvit Soi 11 (see map) and is only 1 km from the Nana. The entrance via an elevator leads you to this club. There are two floors, on the ground floor with a large bar, a DJ stage, 4 stages for coyote dancers, a dance floor and an outdoor area with a view of the skyline as well as an upper floor with mostly VIP tables. The Thai women in this club are 80% freelance there to look for togetherness with a foreigner.

Another similar club is only 100 meters from the LevelsClub. The "Insanity Nightclub". This is perceived more as hip. Some prefer this club over the LevelsClub but it's a matter of taste.

A club in which only female "freelancers" are waiting for Farangs (foreigners) to celebrate and have fun is the "EQ Late Night Club". This is located in Sukhumvit Soi4. So directly in the "Nana" area.

2.2 Asoke
Not far from Nana and a little more relaxed is the Asoke area, also with a nearby sky train station. There is also the famous "Soi Cowboy".

2.3 Phrom Phong
Japanese tourist style karaoke bars and lots of good restaurants.

2.4 Thong
This is the area where you can meet Thai superstars, this area is popular with the Thai high society (HiSo).

2.5 Ekkamai
The Ekkamai area is also within easy reach of a BTS station.
Relaxed area with beer bars and street food that you can see.
3. RCA
stands for "Royal City Venue. This is the largest area for exciting nightlife. Especially Thai party lovers and couples-tourists prefer this area to celebrate in clubs instead of the" Sukhumvit "and" KhaoSan "area.
Here you can meet locals for authentic celebrations and less barmaids (freelancers). The top clubs in the RCA are Route66, Onyx, Tha-Beatlounge. A lot of beer bars and restaurants beautify the early night.


Dress code
- - - - - - -

The larger clubs usually have a dress code, which means no flip-flops or shorts. It doesn't matter in KhaoSan Road. It is worth asking locals in advance or googling shortly afterwards. Long skinny pants are recommended anyway for late night in Bangkok.

Taxi prices
- - - - - - -
0-1 km 35 baht (base price)
1-10 km 5.5 baht
10-20 km 6.5 baht
20-40 km 7.5 baht
40-60 km 8.0 baht
60-80 km 9.0 baht
over 80 km 10.5 baht
If the taxi does not go faster than 6 km / h, for example in a traffic jam at the rush hour, it costs 2 baht per minute.

The journey from the airport by taxi takes about 30 minutes (30km), depending on traffic conditions, up to 1.5 hours.

The journey from the airport (Suvarnabhumi) to KhaoSan Road costs about 17 € by taxi

Arrival by bus from the airport.
- - - - - - -
Approx. € 2 with the city bus, whereby you have to change once at the station "Phaya Thai" by getting on the second bus at the bus stop "Bangkok Business College" and driving to "Koh Wua Intersection Opposite Lottery", which is only one street from the "KhaoSan Road" is removed. The buses run about every 26 minutes. Approx. 1 € per trip.

- - - - - - -
Yes, the clubs all have air conditioning.

KhaoSan Road
- - - - - - -
is great for backpackers and couples. Everyone can actually have fun here, unless you are targeting the red light district. Then you should go straight to Sukhumvit.

Red light..
- - - - - - -
Sukhumvit is suitable for solo travelers and lovers of love because at night in certain areas it is mainly about the fun that you can have in a red light district.

The prices of alcoholic beverages
- - - - - - -
are very cheap in the small supermarkets all over Thailand. In the discos and bars but relatively expensive. Most discos therefore buy a large bottle, to which you can still get normal drinks (cola). The big bottles e.g. Thai whiskey are served in elegant buckets with ice cubes. Prices from € 20

Hotel prices
- - - - - - -
the prices at the hotspots are quite expensive. The prices are halved a few hundred meters away. According to my recommendation, Bangkok is only suitable for a few days and nights (1-3 days). Bangkok is usually the first one you see after a long flight and then you shouldn't pay attention to every euro at your hotel. It is only a few days, often only 2 nights. But don't worry there are countless hotels and hostels, there is something for every budget. In any case, you should book in advance on Agoda.de or Booking.de. On arrival after a long flight and with heavy luggage, it is no longer fun to look for a hotel.

- - - - - - -
The prices in Bangkok's tourist areas are generally higher.
You get a higher "foreigner price" for almost everything where no price has been fixed (advertised). Taxis, TukTuks and boats from criminal drivers or street vendors charge you prices a hundred times higher than usual.

Usual: 1 km taxi ride approx. 45 baht
Fraud price: 1 km taxi ride approx. 2000 baht / person

rip off
- - - - - - -
Only drive taxis with a taximeter.
Do not use TukTuks if possible, you can do it for fun but you have to find a cheap price beforehand. 40Baht per kilometer would be an acceptable "tourist price".
TukTuks very often try to inspire you for a coffee trip with extremely cheap offers for trips. To tailors for expensive suits, to jewelry stores for fake jewelry, etc.
Yes, typical attempts at fraud / rip-off such as "the temple is closed today, I'm driving you to a better one" still exist.

Arrival from the airport:
- - - - - - -
Expressway Toll: expressways cost tolls.
This is normal and not a rip off if you are traveling by taxi.
Some advance toll fees and charge them at the taximeter price at the end of the journey. Others will ask you for the money directly at the toll station. Mostly it is between 25 and 45 baht.
own research, Mike Bauer, picture @ indivstock.com, video @youtube
KhaoSan-Road hotels on Booking.com

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Top 3 nightlife hotspots in Bangkok

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