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Walking Street, Pattaya, Thailand
"fun" & Pattaya

"fun" tourism - Some hate it, the others come precisely why to Thailand.

"fun" tourism in Pattaya attracts every year about 10 million visitors. Approximately 40,000 women have your affection and offer "fun"ual services in Pattaya. A men's paradise and what you will sure like if it is that what you are looking for. Of course there are other good reasons to visit the town south of Bangkok but the offer of "fun" workers can be seen throughout the city and is part of the cityscape starting in the late afternoon.

From downtown Bangkok to Pattaya

From downtown or from Bangkok Airport (Suvarnabhumi Airport) to Pattaya, a taxi ride with prices from 1000 baht (around 25€). A bus ride already for about 5 to 7 €. If you should arrive at night or for the first time, you will be grateful for a quick and comfortable taxi. The more convenient method is therefore the taxi. The cheapest way a non-stop bus. So a good effective method is the bus too. Don`t worry. The journey takes 1.5 to 3 hours depending on the traffic. Buses run from 7-22 pm. Taxis around the clock. Bangkok to Pattaya ! Walking Street, Pattaya, Thailand
Who should be interested in Pattaya / suitable for whom?

While there has long been regular press reports which states Pattaya should be more family friendly soon, but "fun" tourism is tolerated since time immemorial. The opinions on this city are divided. You will not see many "farang" couples/ tourist couples.

Apart from the actual commercial and partying and celebrations are other highlights from Monday to Sunday, every day! If you are here to celebrate with many tourists and expecting girls everywhere, this is exactly the right place.

No, for families Pattaya is (still) not suitable. Will it be ever? No, i don`t think so. Besides the obvious red light district (all areas in Pattaya) and the general ambience of the red light, therefore, it seems to be made only for entertainment for single males. Drinking, bars, parties and beautiful women in all the streets of Pattaya.


Pattaya is always described as a seaside resort, but it is not.
The clear majority of opinions on the Internet shows how dirty the beach needs to be and how little invite the sea outside the front door can be. In addition to this fact, the road is used directly along the beach for "fun"ual attractions from at the beach working girls. A dream for single men if he likes it. A feeling of a typical Thailand Island. A dream comes true. The beach isn`t looking like a typical dream beach. It´s more like small pile of sand next to a big street. Yes the street walkway looks pretty modern but the dirty water and the loud car traffic ruins this feeling completely. Don`t forget, the hotels toilets are flushing directly into the ocean.


The range of hotels is one of the best in Thailand. Countless top hotels and just as many cheap small rooms with only a bed, table and TV after only 18 € per night. The hotels in the south, in the center and in the north are all well placed. Prices start at a good location from € 20 per night to 30 € without appreciable difference. Some hotels starting already from 16 €. There are hotels for under 15€ too. But they are not the best. Mostly old and small, Very good hotels with pool on the hotel roof, with garage and big rooms starts at 50 €. The opinion that the best location is the middle of it, so close or near Walking Street is undecided. Certainly it has advantages but a quiet sleep is not easy. New or renovated rooms for under 15 € to 30 € are already fully booked one months in advance. These cheap rooms are only suitable for traveling alone already because of their very small room size. From April to November most hotels are free and you can choose between hundreds of hotel rooms. These budget rooms are particularly suitable for short stays for only a few steps later, you go already in GoGo bar or have somewhere else.

Middle Class or expensive hotels can be booked throughout the year even without reservation and suburb. Exceptions apply to the most popular hotels in Pattaya. Walking Street of up to Soi 6, the majority recommended Hotel regions. Regardless whether north or right in the middle constantly go Bahtbusse the streets along the sea up and down. The underlying road handles. Therefore, the location of the hotel is rather secondary as long as the hotel is not located towards the east. The use of taxis is mostly not recommended because excessive pricing of taxi drivers are required where. Roadside it is sufficient to draw attention to themselves when a bahtbus in sight. This stops and waits until the Fahrgat has gone. The journey continues to a passenger pressed the stop button along the road. After the Bahtbus has stopped paying the passenger who quit 10 baht (about 0.25 €) directly to the driver. Ask the driver not to the fare before a trip because it is 150 baht "Suggest".

The hotel prices fall somewhat farther one is oriented towards the east. Often hotels are very low with few rooms. Hostels like 18Coins are already available for less than 8 € per night in a dormitory room with several beds. The location is great but the comfort is very limited. great for backpackers and new people are so quickly learned (forcibly).

The hotel portals partially differ considerably. The best prices and the most diverse range above can be found throughout the year on booking.com and agoda.com . These portals use map from Google Maps, thus it is easier to get an overview.

The Walking Street is located in South Pattaya, very close to the beach. Hundreds of bars, go-go bars, Massegesalons (with a happy ending) and many top nightclubs are located directly in and around the Walking Street. The street and the side streets at night are made out of a red sea of lights and countless tourists on the road to move up and down. Along the road to the left and right are countless bars and GoGo clubs. Thai women seek the visitors to take a seat in the bar.

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Walking Street Pattaya Thailand

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Walking Street, Pattaya, Thailand

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