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What does 5 weeks Thailand cost for 2 people?
What does 5 weeks Thailand cost for 2 people? Low budget trip.
The conclusion for the impatient readers right from the start:
The more different places and islands you plan for your route, the more expensive it will be. What does 5 weeks Thailand cost for 2 people?
Alone the transport costs with taxis, boat, domestic flight etc. We certainly would not have needed half of the transport costs.
If we had left out Koh Ngai, for example, and would have stayed in Chiang Mai a little longer.

Starting in Bangkok and then to Chiang Mai, down to Krabi and 3 other islands.
Always trying new things and going on vacation every day in paradise. You are welcome to estimate what coal you need. We always entered what we spent. In particular, we wanted to know for ourselves. Let's start with our expenses right away.

We have set our daily budget at € 74 per day (€ 37 per person). That should be realistic. So we would spend € 2738.00 for 2 people for 5 weeks in Thailand (37 days). That would be about € 1350 per person for 5 weeks of vacation. You already pay for "only" 2 weeks within Europe. If that's possible, we thought it would be great.
At € 37 per person, everything should be included, including the hotel.

We always entered everything for both and then divided it by two. For food, accommodation, etc. One day eats more, sometimes the other.
Our budget was + € 2738 for 37 days including flights.

1. Flight from Frankfurt to Bangkok and back € 551.94
Each € -275.97. So total price for the flights -551.94 €.

2. Flight from Chiang Mai to Krabi
Each -58.95 €, total price: -117.90 €

3.Accommodation - € 668.86
Hostel in Bangkok: € 71.62 [15. October to October 21]
Hotel in Chiang Mai: € 127.00 [21. October to October 27]
Hotel in Krabi: € 78.14 [27. October to October 31]
Accommodation in Koh Jum: € 72.55 [31. November to November 4th]
Accommodation Koh Lanta € 42.13 [04. November to November 11]
Hotel Koh Ngai: € 186.30 [11. November to November 16]
Hotel in Phuket: € 91.12 [16. November to November 20]

We tried to take 10 € per day for the accommodation.
That would have been 300 € per month / per person. But the hotel on Koh Ngai, well, it was a very expensive island and there was nothing acceptable for little money.

4. Food € -543.14
Between € 2.50 and € 7.40 per person per meal. Usually 2 meals + small breakfast.
Actually really cheap, without paying particular attention to the prices. Beachfront restaurants in Phuket are only a little more expensive than anywhere else. But be careful, hotel restaurants on the beach are overpriced. It was good that we always looked at the menu cards beforehand. Small cup of coffee € 8. We then sat there for a maximum of 10 seconds ..

5. Transport € -335.25
From the airport to the hostel, from island to island, rent a scooter, everything is included. Scooter with about 5 € per day, taxi to KhaoSan Road for example 7.37 €.

6. Visa -70 €
You don't need up to 30 days, but our trip should take longer. So we got one beforehand so that we could stay longer. We shouldn't have had to extend our 30 days without a visa in Thailand. That would have cost 1900 baht. Not much difference, but we wanted to be on the safe side.

Purchases: € -51.02
Several snacks and drinks such as drinking, water, croissants, sweets (expensive), rain foil / jacket ...

7. Other € 69.48
Entrance fees for temples, for example, the Grand Royal Palace in Thailand € 22.48, for the toilet € 1.40, waterfall with € 6.49, SIM card cell phone with € 8.82 and a € 7 swimming trunks that were torn faster than that Shopping took.

8.Alcohol - € 26.70
Cocktail on the beach € 3.88
Sky Bar alcohol-free cocktails in Bangkok € 22.82
We could have saved the internet (SIM card). There was free WiFi in almost every hotel and restaurant.

So we stayed a bit below our budget. Inexpensive for the many different places. Next time we will save the domestic flight and the expensive hotel. With that we could travel about 400 € cheaper and stay almost 1 week longer. I hope the list helped you a bit, Regards Marina and Markus
Own research, Marina and Markus, image: indivstock.com

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What does 5 weeks Thailand cost for 2 people?

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