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When is the best time to travel to Thailand?
Travel time & weather Thailand
The best time to travel to Thailand is between November and May. This is the general opinion. The "best" travel time because between these months the "cooler" winter in Thailand. When is the best time to travel to Thailand?

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For Europeans, the weather in Thailand feels very hot as soon as you are not near the sea. Sweating is part of everyday life in cities like Bangkok or Pattaya. Near the beach, for example on Patong Beach or on the beach in Koh Samui, it is "pleasantly hot" as long as you are in the shade. In the big cities only air conditioning helps, these are normal in every shop, kiosk and restaurant. [Note: A hotel room without air conditioning is rare and not advisable.]
You never hear complaints about the weather. The most annoying thing can be many rainy days in a row. Even when it was raining it was still pleasant. Long clothes are really only needed in Thailand for the north like Chiang Mai, especially in the evening and in the rest of the country mostly only because the air conditioning systems in buses are too cold.

rainy season June to October:
It is particularly raining in the south at this time:
Phuket, Khao Lak, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta, Koh Lipe, Krabi, Trang.

The months
- - - - October, November, December and January- - - -
are more pleasant because it rains often and can get a little windier. If it rains only briefly, there is nothing to see 1 hour later. But it is pleasantly refreshing. Retirees in particular naturally prefer the more pleasant air. A bit of shade through some clouds is also pleasant for active tourists, be it when doing sports on the beach or on long tours to viewing platforms or even on long hikes to tourist attractions. This travel season is the most popular, it is high season. The weather is perfectly tropical for tourists.

How often and for how long it rains is very different and especially in winter it occasionally rains all afternoon. Don't worry, it's still shorts - and swimwear weather. But a beach day would not be so sparkling. That could reduce the fun of a typical beach vacation.

Beach vacation from February to May
If you want a Egyptian beach holiday with lounging on the beach, the months are recommended
- - - - February to May - - - -
During the day up to 40 degrees Celsius and at night the temperatures almost never drop below 30 degrees Celsius.
November to late January is also the most expensive travel time in Thailand. Then it's high season in Thailand. Over Christmas and New Year, most tourists are in Thailand. A hotel that costs € 23 a night all year round increases its prices to around € 33 / night in high season. So a plus point for trips from February. The season from February is the hottest in Thailand. Temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius are not uncommon. Therefore best suited for days by the sea. Less for strenuous tours and hikes. The weather is great for bathing holidaymakers, long-term tourists and pensioners, on the other hand, look forward to the cooler months from October to January.

Between August and October it rains most frequently across the country. This is not so bad, but it can also rain every day. Which makes beach visits less fun. If you are in Koh Samui and can't go to the beach, that's a bit annoying.

You can get the cheapest prices for hotels and flights from
- - - - June to late August. - - - -
The prices of the "low season" apply here. The names are very official. The hotel price lists are always based on this. Until October, the lower season's lower prices apply.

General climate
The tropical climate in Thailand can be divided into three regions and two climate zones. The average temperatures are around 30 degrees Celsius.

own research on the topic of weather in Thailand by Florian Meyer

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When is the best time to travel to Thailand?

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