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updated on
July 22, 2022
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Published: June 2022
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Prices for escorts in Pattaya

updated on
22 July 2022
| 14:21

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Throughout Pattaya it is possible to meet pretty girls who are happy to offer their services.
The busiest area is clearly Walking Street itself. On the other side further north of the city (2km) is Soi-6. From Walking Street to Soi-6, however, there is also plenty going on and possible. For example, the entire Soi Buakhao which has become a super hot spot. Pattaya leaves no wish "unsatisfied". [A soi is a side street].
Prices for escorts in Pattaya
Prices for escorts in Pattaya
Prices for escorts in Pattaya
The majority of visitors to Pattaya speak from experience and from this it is evident that in terms of what is on offer and price levels Pattaya is absolutely to be recommended. Especially compared to other places in Thailand that also offer these "fun" options.

Bangkok and Bangla Road in Patong also have an absolutely adequate offer. However, the number of girls and the prices charged sometimes differ greatly. Prices in Pattaya are the cheapest. The atmosphere of the whole city resembles a red-light milleu. The cityscape is characterised by an endless number of beer bars. Go Go bars and massage shops (also with happy endings).

The "fun" offer is clearly the most varied in Pattaya.
Basically prices range from 1000 to 1500 baht (36€) for short-time ("you cum i go").
A lady stays overnight and until noon for 1200-2000 baht.
Prices vary
Different prices come about through your own appearance, sympathy, attractiveness and the location in which you made your acquaintance. Logical: If your last shower is already a few days overdue, expect a surcharge. If you are a little older, this will create even more trust. If you are still relatively young, it wont be any easier. Quite the opposite. The truth is that a young man is likely to have few financial resources to offer.

Ladies in Go Go bars often charge 5000 for short time.
3000 Baht for a Go Go Lady is also possible for long-time, but it is simply overpriced and the ladies in the Go Go Bars are absolutely aware of this.

Basically, 2000 baht is the absolute pain threshold for most farangs (foreign tourists) for long-time, regardless of whether its a bar girl, beach girl or disco girl.
For short-time a maximum of 1500 baht, more likely 800-1000 baht.
There are 3 types of freelancers.
These actually work every single day.
Therefore, the offer is always large and always available. You do not have to wait for the weekend. Whereby weekends are extra special and extremely busy (all ladies are out in the evening).

The biggest advantage, once you have some contacts in your cell phone, just write if you have time right now or later, so you get your "happy hour" delivered to your hotel room.

Type 1
Freelancer in clubs, events and discotheques
(from 23pm in the most popular discotheques).
Getting to know:
Extremely easy, look at them, walk or wave to the table, then invite them for a drink or juice, done. The ladies are just waiting, that is why they are in the club. They dont like to wait, so dont be shy.
800 baht to 2000 baht is expected, depending on attractiveness.

Type 2
Freelancers at the Beachroad
(Are actually standing on the beach road or sidewalk from early evening, kilometre long road along the beach).
Getting to know:
Extremely easy, it is normal directly after the name introduction to ask the price for two hours together in the hotel.
500 Baht to 1300 Baht

Type 3
Online Freelancer (Tinder, Restaurants, Parties).
(available from 11am once you have the contact saved in your phone).
Getting to know:
Cumbersome, Tinder is exhausting and a bit annoying in the long run because the choice is just limitless in Pattaya. You can swipe and write for weeks. The ladies receive up to thousands of messages per month depending on their attractiveness. So it is much easier to approach the ladies outside for example in the early evening in the restaurant, for this the open-air restaurant Tree-Town is very suitable. Exchange number (line messenger) and ready. But also at any night market, gym or in the shopping center "Central Festival" possible.
From 23 oclock these ladies "turn" into Type1 (freelancers in discotheques). No joke, is the normal daily routine of these ladies.
1000 Baht to 2000 Baht

What is the disadvantage of Freelancer?
Of course, it is much easier to go to a BeerBar or AGoGo and then choose a lady. Searching for Freelancer according to personal taste can take time. In the high season (winter season) the 10/10 ladies are very busy, but all "acquaintances" from the last vacation are back in Pattaya. This makes it sometimes difficult to get an "appointment". Unless you invest a lot of time and it begins a kind of relationship in which you like each other and like. But this is out of question for 50%, because this kind of "relationship" and bond is not desired by the tourist with a freelancer.
Therefore, there is the saying rightly, which is really to be taken literally and thus no "relationship problems" can arise: "you come, i go.". Which means as much as, after the common "sleeping" in the hotel room one says goodbye. But the main reason why a GoGoBar is better than looking for a freelancer, the ladies in the GoGoBars are the most attractive women, because usually only attractive ladies will get a job there.

Important notice:
There are really very very nice ladies, so always be respectful. As a reward, you will also get "take care" back.
Important notice:
The risk of turning yourself into a love-case is extremely high! The ladies are attractive and nice, you can fall in love here in days. Some ladies feel exactly the same and fall in love with you, but the other part of the ladies knows that if you fall in love then you could turn into a "sponsor" for you. That means she takes advantage of you, gifts of money, sick buffalo on the farm in your home village, etc.
Unfortunately impossible to be sure if the ladies feelings are real or just business tactics.

Thai women from the beach promenade

These women work only for themselves and are not registered anywhere and have no fixed location. The prices years ago were 500 baht for short-time, in 2015 about 700 baht to 1000 baht. Prices for long-time, i.e. until the next noon, are about 1000 baht to 1500 baht.

Caution: These ladies are said to have a criminal nature. If they were to steal valuables from your hotel room while you are showering, you would not be able to track them down. She is not employed anywhere so who could you complain to? A room safe is compulsory in Pattaya. Never leave valuables open on the TV table. If you dont offer the lady any temptation to do/think evil, then nothing will happen in this direction.

The selection is rather modest, often you have to look at many (up to a hundred) girls to discover a hot girl. Nevertheless, it is fun to walk along the beach road.
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Thai Women/ Freelance Women from Disco
In Pattaya, up to 90% of the disco-goers are willing to go to your hotel room with you for a "tip". You dont believe it? You will see how quickly an attractive Thai will sit down at your table after a quick smile.

Many female visitors are in the disco first for this very reason. Pattaya is specifically targeted by Thai women in order to make a quick buck in this business. The average Thai monthly salary is only 200€. The temptation to earn 35€ and more in a few hours attracts many young Thai women from the poorer north to Pattaya. There is a wide choice of discos for interested tourists, especially late at night. As the Go Go bars close, you will see many of the Go Go dancers in the surrounding discos.

The best places to go if you are looking for affordable fun are iBar and Insomia (disco).
But beware before 12 midnight, there will be almost nothing going on until 11 at the earliest. But if you dont fancy nightclubs, you can just walk through once and get a beer. The choice of girls is more than great. 1200 baht to a maximum of 2000 baht is what the fun should cost then. The lady will call 2000 baht first and stay until breakfast.

Even those who like to party but dont find "fun" for sale acceptable are in the right place here. In the eyes of the Thais, European men are "attractive" and "wealthy". Thais like to party. Not for nothing is it called the Land of Smiles [LOS]. It is easy to see that the Thais like to party. The discos are full and the mood is always good. The flirt factor is right. For Thai women you are also an adventure. There is no reason why you shouldnt flirt in a disco. Prices start at 1000 baht for long time. Short-time makes little sense as it is usually late in the evening and noon is already near.

Ladies from the nightclub are very flexible, have no fixed working hours and therefore no obligations to be somewhere.
They are therefore perfect for getting to know each other over several days or even for a joint trip to an island.


Getting to know each other on the Beachroad (road directly along the beach)
Online dating
Some prefer acquaintances from dating apps like Tinder or special online dating sites. Tinder offers the most female users for a short fun and as a website "thaifriendly". About 90% of all ladies there are registered to offer their love services. Here it is less about flirting. There are very attractive ladies there. But be warned, at least 1 out of 10 ladies who are there are very professional. Therefore, the ladies sometimes have several clients a day and therefore you may not expect take-care. It is much more quick money for the ladies. But this is understandable, the first time the lady doesnt know you yet, at the next meeting it becomes more relaxed, you already know each other. What is particularly interesting is that a large number of ladies looking for clients in Pattaya for the first time start on Tinder. It doesnt matter how tall or attractive you are. A friendly appearance is much more important. Therefore, a nice photo and just write. Important! On Thaifriendly, you are not allowed to ask how much you charge for your love services. Then the account will be blocked faster than you think. Write to a lady very briefly and tell her Facebook name, line ID or phone number. You can then continue writing there. The prices start at 800 baht, but you should expect at least 1200 baht for a visit to a hotel room. Ladies you meet this way also like to stay overnight, so something interesting can easily develop for a longer time.

Top tip:
If you like a lady and dont want to look for a new one every day, then these ladies are particularly suitable.
The ladies you meet on Tinder or in a nightclub dont have a permanent job. They dont have to be anywhere late at night. This is different with the barmaids, who have a fixed working time from when they have to be present in the bar again. Therefore, you have to say goodbye to your service provider sooner or later and then go out again in the evening (Barfine), etc.
Also in the early morning nothing is possible to do, because you always go to bed late. The advantage of Tinder/nightclubs is therefore, the lady is absolutely flexible and always has time, unless another "friend" gets in touch on the same day and also asks for a meeting.
Thai women from a Go Go bar.
The Go Go dancers are considered particularly attractive. These girls dance revealingly or naked on poles or platforms in the Go Go bars. The entertainment factor is great. Prices are higher than usual. 1500-3000 baht for short-time are not uncommon. Ladies who are especially in demand like to try to e 3000-5500 baht for long-time (the whole night) as a price. The fee (barfine) is also correspondingly higher. You should expect at least 500 to 1000 baht.


Go Go bars are usually well attended, depending on the girls working there. But this is good for the atmosphere. So a good and relaxed feeling usually develops with attractive female companions. However, the disadvantage is quickly clear to every visitor. The prices in the Go Go bars are not cheap. If a lady sits down with you, you can expect to pay for a drink. This costs about 200 baht. Since this is the main source of income for many working people, you cant blame them. Rarely, but it does happen, hardened ladies very aggressively demand a paid lady drink. But you can say no or stop after the first Ladydrink. The ladies understand that this is very expensive by Thai standards and it happens all the time that a customer is not willing to pay for it.
The Hottest Girls in Pattaya
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Prices for escorts in Pattaya
Source: own research
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Prices for escorts in Pattaya
Prices for escorts in Pattaya
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