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updated on
July 17, 2022
| 13:14
Published: July 2022
the most common holiday spoilers and how to avoid them

updated on
17 July 2022
| 13:14
the most common holiday spoilers and how to avoid
Good to know The list of the most common

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Traffic accident, lost credit card, damage to other peoples property.
It doesnt matter whether its a world trip or a short holiday. There are risks and dangers that can spoil a holiday or even have serious consequences if you are not prepared.

If you take advantage of the experiences of many other holidaymakers and world travellers, you will be spared many a misfortune. The following are the most common holiday spoilers + travel preparations as solutions.
the most common holiday spoilers and how to avoid them
the most common holiday spoilers and how to avoid them
the most common holiday spoilers and how to avoid them
- no more money
- Damage caused to other peoples property
- illness (dengue fever, stomach problems)
- Mobile phone display cracked
- Entry not allowed
- theft
- Hospital costs
- Traffic accident
Place 1: No more money !
The number one most common mishap is actually not being able to withdraw money from an ATM for various reasons. Then you are left with nothing. Who to borrow from? How to pay at the restaurant? The hotel is the only one you paid for in advance. At least, you think to yourself. But now?
1.1 Credit card lost
1.2 Credit card stolen
1.3 No credit card at all, only EC card
1.4 ATM swallows card or PIN entered incorrectly too often
1.5 Wallet with only credit card lost in restaurant
1.6 Credit card overdrawn (limit set incorrectly, direct debit not working, too much money spent)

The solution is relatively simple. First get a second free credit card with credit function. Load it up with reserve money before departure, then you are on the safe side.
In addition, you can register in advance with Airbnb, where you will receive a free starting credit (35€). A PayPal account is also advisable. This way you can simply pay online by direct debit instead of by credit card.
If you simply spend too much money or have unexpectedly high expenses
especially on a trip around the world, you can easily borrow money. The interest rate is more favourable than the overdraft. You can also repay the loan in one go if you dont need it after all. There are always extraordinary circumstances that suddenly put a strain on your holiday funds, just the Corona virus alone and the associated expensive return flights. For a longer trip, it is worthwhile to put a loan on a second bank account. In an emergency, you can access it immediately. If you dont need the money, repayment is no problem. The interest rate is acceptable at around 3.5%. The feeling of security when travelling is priceless if you can enjoy the day without worrying. Some travellers who are away for several months prefer to use the DKB loan rather than having to ask their parents or friends. However, one should keep in mind to use the "emergency money" really only in case of emergency. It is even more important not to live beyond your means. If you cannot pay back a loan, it is not a solution for long-term financial bottlenecks.
Rank 2: Accidents and mishaps
As a pedestrian, all it takes is a clumsy slip and a sprained ankle. As a scooterist, its enough to tip your scooter over on the slippery sand and scrape your knees, or even to throw down the expensive table lamp in the hotel.

I always think to myself, Im careful, I never ride at night and certainly not when Ive had a drink. What should I break that I would then have to pay for?

Unfortunately, many victims have to learn that not everyone shares the same attitude. Even your parked vehicle can be damaged by a third party. The person travelling with you can throw down your bedside lamp, your suitcase can be lost or damaged at the airport, and so on.

A traffic accident is very common, especially in Thailand.
This rarely affects you as a pedestrian. However, if you rent a scooter or car, this can happen more quickly than you think.
The most important preparation is clearly the helmet. Not only do you have to pay a fine of 200 baht each time, but your own life is also at risk in Thai traffic. First of all, it is important to remember that you are driving on the left-hand side of the road. As a pedestrian, you should therefore be particularly careful when crossing the road. You should not rely on traffic lights and zebra crossings.

What surprises most drivers on Thai roads is that you will be overtaken from the left and right. So always look left and right before turning, and preferably behind you. The faster vehicle often takes the right of way here, even the bigger one (truck) seems to have a special status when it comes to right of way.
You must know, the one without a driving licence is always at fault in a traffic accident.
Therefore, apply for an international driving licence in advance in your home country (approx. 15€).
You are also liable for scratches and dents on the vehicle you have rented. This means that if you park your scooter and someone hits it, you will have to pay compensation to the rental company. Therefore, take photos or a video of the rented vehicle before the very first ride. That way, you wont be charged for any old damage. It is also good to know that most repairs are extremely cheap and compensation is usually 100 times higher. The lender can quickly negotiate down from 2000€ to 25€ (for scratches). A tyre repair, for example, would only cost about 5€. Only the tourist police can help you if the demand for compensation is outrageously high.
Hospital, doctor or dentist & extremely high costs
You dont wish it on anyone, but if it happens and you dont have health insurance abroad, then you have to deal with extremely high demands for money at the hospital, doctor or dentist. It is enough that you are examined just to be on the safe side. In some cases, absolute fantasy prices are charged. From 10€ to 20000€ everything is possible. Regardless of what was actually done in the hospital or elsewhere. In my opinion, not taking out health insurance abroad is a mistake. For about 1€ a day, you can save yourself high hospital costs that you would never be able or willing to pay yourself. With insurance, all you have to do is let them know when you have a problem and you can have your toothache treated or have your stomach checked out if you have a persistent stomach problem. A simple case of food poisoning can cost hundreds of euros in hospital.
3rd place: Mosquitoes
Dengue fever and malaria are rare in Thailand but they do happen. During the day the mosquitoes hunt with the dengue fever and at night the malaria mosquitoes wake up, or was it the other way around, I am not sure anymore. The solution is simple, especially for nights. Wear long clothes, thin and comfortable clothes. A spray is also available in pocket format in every small shop (Family Mart and Seven Eleven). It also gives you peace of mind. It works great.
A first-aid kit helps with stomach problems. I can only advise everyone to seek individual advice from a doctor or a pharmacy. There are headache tablets that are even harmful for dengue fever (Aspirin) ***. There is "Elotrans Pilver" for persistent diarrhoea. If you cannot keep any food down because you have to go to the toilet frequently, take a packet and pour it into a small water bottle.

*** Please consult a doctor or a pharmacy before travelling abroad!
4th place: Smartphone breaks down on holiday
If the mobile phone breaks down on holiday, so does online banking access, access to PayPal, all emergency contacts, hotel booking confirmation, etc. Actually, this item should be number 1. The most common is simply dropping the smartphone. The display shatters and you can no longer use it or simply see nothing on it.
The solution The solution is quite simple. I dont have to take my expensive mobile phone with all my personal photos and the above-mentioned important accesses to the beach. I dont have to take it to the party. Because I can leave it at the hotel where nothing happens. But without a smartphone at all? No, just get a second one, an old one or a cheaper one. If it gets broken, its annoying, but I dont have to fret for the rest of my holiday.

5th place: Entry to Thailand was not allowed

If entry is not granted at passport control, you have to fly straight back on the next plane. You are not allowed to leave the airport. A nightmare! The reasons to avoid Thailand are: - The passport is valid for less than 6 months
- One has already been to Thailand more than 2 times this year and has not applied for a visa from Germany.
- The passport is damaged! A large tear or only one missing page is enough to get into trouble. I strongly recommend a document bag or something similar for the passport and a credit card. That way you have everything together and protected.

6th place: Missed flight

Nobody tells you about this because its super embarrassing. Youve already talked about it with friends two months before your trip. Youve booked your hotel, told your family and packed. Everything is great. But then you miss your flight. You should always be at the airport on time. For international flights, they say 3 hours before departure! It really doesnt hurt to be at the airport very early. It would be terrible to be stuck in a traffic jam and know you need another hour to get to the airport, but only have 50 minutes left. Then your holiday is almost over. Therefore, leave in good time and take a possible traffic jam into account. If youre travelling by train to the airport, plan for a train cancellation. Only one flight to London, but the following flight cost 100€ more and left 7 hours later. I should have left it alone on that day, because from then on my good mood was gone. If only it were so easy to avoid. It is better to check the time of departure twice. Keep in mind that boarding also takes time and that baggage check-in will close an hour before. It happens more often than you think that you simply made a mistake about the time it took to get there, or that you got lost on the way to your destination or caught the wrong train. Once youre at the airport, youve done the hardest part. Thats why I dont wish for a good flight, but for a trouble-free journey to the airport.

Rank 7: Im not feeling so well

Stomach problems, malaise, illness.
"The first week was great, since yesterday I dont feel so well. Stomach problems and also my friend has been feeling very bad since today." Usually you hear this, then you can assume 7 days of illness. In 50% of all cases, the reason is the air conditioning. The air conditioners in old buses are dirty or the filters are dirty. The air conditioners are set far too cold and you only wear flip-flops and a shirt with shorts. You catch a cold very quickly. You are very likely to catch it on a long bus ride or even on the 11-hour flight there. The second reason is the tap water you used to brush your teeth. It is enough to gargle the tap water. Unfortunately, it is not drinking water, but you only notice this when you feel generally unwell. It often lasts a few days, so the tap water does not immediately come to mind as the reason. Many people even drink it, which is a mistake. So, brush your teeth with bottled water. The third reason is "seafood". There is a saying "If you cant cook or peel it, dont eat it". This means dont eat food that is either uncooked (sushi) or cant be peeled (fruits and vegetables without peel). Raw fish, for example, like sushi or a red steak. Fried or deep-fried food is safe as long as it is relatively fresh. Street food from vendors who cant get rid of their food for several days then sell it to you, even though it would no longer be edible for a long time. With hot spices or deep-fried food, it is not immediately noticeable. Likewise, the oil for frying is dumped into a bucket at the end of the day and used several times, i.e. for several days. Restaurants put "fresh" fish on ice in front of the restaurant entrance to attract tourists. On these tables, the fish then lie between ice cubes for the whole day. Cold chains are a foreign word in many cases in Thailand. The fish is defrosted several times and put back into the ice chest before it is placed on ice cubes in the open. Right next to the road, where flies and other dirt come into contact with the raw fish very easily. Unfortunately, it cannot be completely avoided. More often, however, it is simply the water from the tap that is to blame. Another reason that goes unnoticed is mosquito bites. You will definitely notice if they have transmitted diseases such as malaria or dengue fever. But more severe flu symptoms are much more common, just not associated with mosquitoes.
Tap water only for showering, do not swallow.
Spray DEET mosquito spray from Seven-Eleven or Family Mart on your skin or at least a little on your clothes. Especially after dusk, wearing shorts makes you an easy target.
Avoid raw fish and meat.
the most common holiday spoilers and how to avoid them
the most common holiday spoilers and how to avoid
Good to know The list of the most common
Source: own research
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Article: 817592

the most common holiday spoilers and how to avoid them
the most common holiday spoilers and how to avoid them
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